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1. All images, photographs and videos found on SiswojoPictures.com are the explicit property of the Siswojo Pictures - Photography & Video. Any duplication, reproduction, or use without the express consent of any of the said above parties is prohibited. Any unauthorized use of the images, photographs and videos on SiswojoPictures.com is in direct violation of the laws of copyright and can be prosecuted. This even includes the use of small portions of any of these All images, photographs and videos which are discernable as the artist's work.
2. The images, photographs and videos on SiswojoPictures.com which represent actual physical works of art are just that- REPRESENTATIONS! Due to the very nature of the internet and the various types of images, photographs and videos and mediums represented, there is some loss of detail, definition, contrast, brightness and color which could not be adequately compensated for due to the small file size required for efficient viewing.
3. There may be further noticeable differences between the works displayed in Gallery and those exhibited in our physical gallery due to the differences in monitor types, age, configuration and quality. Different browser types also have an effect on color representation.

Siswojo Pictures | Photography & Video

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